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Bloom offers the perfect combination between living, recreational activities, urban amenities and sustainable green spaces.The homes are situated near an inviting courtyard or green square, where children can play and neighbours meet. In a cosy sidestreet or leafy green park. All homes offer views of the Merwedekanaal with its characteristic houseboats.


Merwede offers a varied mix of 218 owner-occupied homes and 855 rental properties, from affordable social housing to spacious townhouses and apartments. The homes are situated in various residential buildings, each with their own special features and personality. From urban to green, and from industrial to elegant.

For city slickers,
nature lovers,
free spirits and
sunshine seekers

Bloom combines the benefits of living in a green environment where you can recharge in style with all the urban facilities you need at your doorstep. The perfect balance between city life and peaceful living. And all this with Utrecht's bustling city centre and Utrecht Centraal railway station only a few minutes away.

Bloom South

Bloom Zuid will feature robust townhouses on the water, elegant houses in side streets, sturdy residential buildings and a sustainable wooden landmark with corner apartments. All apartments have a private outdoor area and lots of green space. Concrete, brickwork and steel bring an industrial and timeless feel to the townhouses. On your doorstep is a green park that doubles as a garden space. A lovely spot that offers unobstructed views towards the canal.

City apartments
Bold apartments

Bloom Courtyard
In Bloom Zuid, you are surrounded by greenery. Every living ensemble has a leafy courtyard with green façades. It is the perfect place to unwind. Disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle in a haven of peace and tranquillity surrounded by colourful flowers, refreshing wadis (small ponds), and lush urban nature. It's the ideal setting for a community of residents and animal lovers to enjoy the outdoors. At Merwede, there's a good chance you'll stumble upon the Big 5 (butterfly, hedgehog, songbird, bat and swallow) as soon as you step outside your house.

Living the
green life

Bloom Park

Bloom will be located in one of the most beautiful spots in Merwede: bordering a lush, green park with views of the canal. The residential buildings feature lovely façade gardens and lush green roof gardens that function as spaces for playing, interacting and forming relationships. All buildings will be constructed using a mix of sturdy and natural materials, such as bamboo and wood with concreteand reclaimed brick.

City apartments
Bold apartments

Bloom Courtyard
Bloom's courtyard provides a great place for adults to relax and children to play. Climb on one of the large stepping stones and look for the Merwede Big 5! The open atmosphere is inviting. Here, neighbours can connect with other free spirits and relax in the afternoon sun.