Community App

As a future resident of Merwede, you can connect with your neighbours in a smart way and get the most from your neighbourhood. A new app, exclusively available to residents of Bloom, makes this possible, transforming Bloom into a ‘micro village’. You can use the Area of People app to, for example, reach out to your neighbours or communicate with the representative of your owners’ association.


The app is set up in such a way that you can stay well informed without having to follow every conversation or development. It's up to you which groups you want to join. Users are also able to selectively opt out of notifications.


The benefits

·        Professional platform with community support.

·        Clear communication with neighbours, the owner's association, and management.

·        Share your knowledge and items. It's easy and sustainable!

·        Instant access to professional support when needed.

·        Always accessible on your phone.

·        Safe online environment where you only communicate with pre-screened users.