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Merwede Utrecht will be the green urban district of the future. A bustling atmosphere. Leafy squares and laid-back parks, interspersed with hospitality and cultural facilities, schools and shops. A meeting place that brings people together. An urban as well as a natural environment. A stone's throw from the city centre and Utrecht Centraal railway station. This is the place to be.

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Car free and sustainable
The district will be completely car-free, with plenty of spaces for bicycle parking in the residential buildings. There will be mobility hubs for shared transport. Merwede will also be almost energy neutral. With the largest underground thermal storage facility in the Netherlands to heat or cool the district.


Not in the future, it’s happening now!
Merwede is an area that is vibrant and full of creativity, with ample opportunities for culture, sports and creative activities. Take, for instance, the Merwede Lab, where specialists research and experiment with circularity, energy, social design and healthy urban living and apply their innovations to the community. Or go bouldering (a form of free climbing on artificial rockwalls) at Boulderhal Sterk, take a walk or go for a run along the canal, have a cup of coffee or a beer at Café Keet or vegan shoarma at MENU, a market hall with restaurants and cafés, creative businesses and food cultivation. Or be inspired by creative entrepreneurs in creative hubs such as Kanaal30 and the Vechtclub XL.

Healthy and sustainable

Merwede is all about embracing a healthy and conscious lifestyle. A car-free and supersustainable city district, with plenty of urban nature to stroll through or play in. Both social and sustainable: residents meet each other in the courtyards and on the green squares. Bloom will be a place where neighbours know each another. A place with a sense of community. A place that instantly feels like home.

All about green

Merwede has its own private park, the Merwedepark, but is also connected to Park Transwijk. A car-free district with maximum room for urban nature: green streets and squares, courtyards and roof gardens. It's the perfect place for free spirits, outdoor people, urban nature lovers, animals-neighbours and plants!

Space and variety

Merwede will include a wide range of urban residential buildings, starting with Bloom. The buildings will vary in height, allowing room for lots of sunlight, natural light and air. You will see different architectural styles and materials and plenty of leafy squares. Cycle paths and footpaths provide safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists. In short, Merwede is a harmonious city district with a relaxed atmosphere.

Lively city district

Merwede will be – in fact, already is – a vibrant district with plenty of urban facilities within a stone’s throw: Kanaal30, Vechtclub XL, Boulderhal Sterk, MENU (former bicycle depot with market hall, restaurants and food cultivation), and more. Many more facilities will open their doors soon, including a school and a health centre.

Mobile and accessible

Merwede will be a car-free district, with plenty of room for walkers and cyclists. There will be innovative mobility hubs for shared transport: high-quality public transport and shared e-bikes, cargo bikes and e-cars. This means more space for greenery and for playing and relaxing.

About Merwede

The Merwede Big 5
In Merwede, flora and fauna are a top priority. The Big 5 will get as much space as the residents. So you are bound to see Big 5 (butterfly, hedgehog, songbird, bat and swallow) in every courtyard.

Location & hotspots


Dream big,
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Merwede is centrally located in Utrecht, just a stone's throw from the city centre and Utrecht Centraal railway station. With inviting bars as Café Keet and De Kromme Haring within easy reach, it's already the place to be!